Objectives of PVCR:


  1. To protect child rights by conscientizing, mobilizing and strengthening different people’s organizations and civil society.
  2. To work towards ensuring good infrastructure facilities in government hostels, schools, Anganwadi centres and Homes.
  3. To ensure qualitative health care and nutrition to all children.
  4. To campaign for strengthening of government schools and against privatization of education.
  5. To build pressure on government for appropriate budget allocations towards education and health sectors.
  6. To build pressure on government to implement Common School System that has no disparities.
  7. To build pressure on government through people’s movement for the effective implementation of Acts related to protection of child rights and to protect the constitutional rights of children.
  8. To work towards equitable distribution of resources to all people.
  9. To ensure holistic child rights by addressing the root-causes for the violation of child rights through appropriate forums.