Focus Themes:


PVCR-TS extensively worked on the education rights of children since the beginning of its formation, especially focusing on the Common School System (CSS) concept.  PVCR created much awareness among the public on the CSS Concept by organizing workshops in all the districts in the state.  PVCR also has focused on the Right of Children for Free and Compulsory Education (RCFCE) Act and built-up the capacities of its members in working on the same.  As the realization of provisions mentioned in the RCFCE Act was getting delayed, PVCR escalated the advocacy at district and state level to pressurize the government for speedier implementation of the provisions of the Act.


While working on the education rights of children, PVCR realized that there are other rights of children that are seriously violated and hence felt the need to intervene in the most important issues related to survival and protection rights of children.  As the nutrition levels among below 5 years children was a cause of concern, PVCR conducted a study on the status of malnutrition among children in the state and submitted its findings and recommendations to the government.  PVCR members at district level also played a key role in advocating for the improvements in ICDS services.  PVCR’s advocacy was behind the starting of midday meals in the ICDS centres across the state by the government. 


With regard to Protection rights of children, PVCR members intervened in many cases where the rights of children were violated, conducted enquiries, fact-finding missions and advocated for justice to the victims.  This resulted in many culprits being booked under different sections of the Law.  Every year, PVCR continues to intervene in the issues related to heinous crimes on children and enables victims to fight for justice.  PVCR also advocates for mechanisms for better protection of children in the state.