Important phone numbers of officials

/ institutions responsible for child protection:



For children in distress, operating in 33 states.  Just call up 1098 toll-free helpline to report any child rights violations.


2)      Toll free number – 1800 425 3525 that works for the implementation of RTE Act


Web based software for Child Rights Cell was ( developed by Center for Good Governance will track the online complaints relating to Child Rights cell of all districts in Andhra Pradesh.  Its works based on the dual coordination software system of web technology and mobile technology.  Once the complaint registered with CRC cell, a complaint ID number will give to the persons / children’s who complained and made queries a short message with complaint details will be forwarded to the concern Mandal Education officer (MEO) simultaneously State & District Sectoral officers his/her mobile followed by an email with detailed complaint details.  The complainer can track the complaint status with the given id in the website.


6 days is the grace period for any MEO to resolve the issue by proper enquiry and school visit.  He/She will post an Action Taken report on the RVM CRC website.  In case of failure to resolve the case within 6 days, the further SMS and email forwards to the concern District Education officer (DEO) to resolve the issue with given 5 days grace period to address the problem simultaneously the SMS and mail reaches to SPD/Sectoral officers, SSA POs and MEOs as well.

The HR personal of Divya Disha Organisation, Hyderabad is coordinating the CRC cell, financially supported by UNICEF.  The CRC Team members have shared few of the complaints/issues raised by the children such as :


1.    Collection of more fees in private schools management.

2.    Child Marriages

3.    Lack of schools infrastructure : sufficient class rooms, functional toilets etc.,

4.    Quality of Mid Day Meals & Drinking Water issues.

5.    Child Labour issues.


The CRC cell forwards few cases like Child Marriage & Child Labour to Child line 1098 to resolve the cases.  The entire functional system of Child Rights Cell facilitates adequate response to all the children whose rights have been violated, improve the Child rights and protection system, felt happy to see a systematic protection mechanism in recognition of Children’s voices.