PVCR-TS - Micro study on infrastructure facilities in primary schools & advocacy:


PVCR members conducted a micro study in 10 primary schools across 6 districts viz. Mahabubnagar, Karimnagar, Nalgonda, Hyderabad, Khammam and Rangareddy in Telangana state to assess the status of infrastructure facilities in the schools and how other systems pertaining to monitoring of schools are working.  This study was conducted with the objective of assessing these facilities after the RCFCE Act came into being.  The following are the major findings of the study:


  • 50% schools do not have separate room for each class.
  • 50% schools only have toilet facility and many of these toilets are dysfunctional.
  • 50% schools do not have separate toilets for girls.
  • Only 10% schools have compound wall.
  • 70% schools do not have safe drinking water facility.
  • 70% schools do not have play materials for children.
  • 30% schools do not serve quality midday meals.
  • In 70% schools there is no monitoring by school management committees.
  • 40% schools do not have Balala Sanghams.
  • 30% schools do not conduct any type of cultural programmes / activities for children.
  • 70% schools do not have subject-teachers.
  • In 40% schools, there is no regular monitoring by education department authorities.  Hence teachers are irregular to schools.


PVCR came out with the following recommendations to government:


  • Each class in the school should have a separate class room.
  • To build toilets in all the schools and ensure that toilets are repaired in schools where they are dysfunctional.
  • To ensure separate toilets for girls in all the schools.
  • To build compound walls to all the schools to provide better security for children.
  • To build kitchen sheds in all the schools and ensure quality midday meals in the schools.  It was observed that still many schools are preparing midday meals under the trees or open space.
  • To enhance quantity of midday meals from current 100 grams per child to 200 grams per child and ensure good quality vegetables and provisions are used in the midday meals.
  • To provide play materials to all the schools.
  • To ensure safe drinking water units in all the schools.
  • To appoint subject-teachers in all the schools.
  • To strengthen school management committees and ensure their active participation in the school activities.
  • To form Balala Sanghams in all the schools and provide life skills and social education to children.
  • To conduct cultural programmes at school level regularly.
  • To fill-up all the vacancies of Mandal Education Officer and ensure regular monitoring of schools.
  • To ensure that no government authority or people’s representatives attend functions of any private schools as such practices only strengthen private schools further.
  • To introduce incentives to schools that produce better results.


PVCR members met with the Deputy Chief Minister in March 2015 and submitted the memorandum.  They were assured of taking necessary action by government.